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I'll add my 2 cents (or thereabouts).

I think mailings lists are a great place to talk, describe, debate, and
suggest. We can tweak ideas and bounce ideas around.

Since I have a wiki background, I think we should "be bold" and chat about
whatever the next generation open phone should look like. In doing this,
though, we should realize that different people have different visions of a
"perfect" phone, and that OM might not have the exact same vision of a
phone, and for different reasons.

It would be nice to know what kind of involvement OM is going to have. Is it
going to be a quiet observer? Will it drive the process? Will they just drop
by once a quarter, to mine the best ideas? Are they willing to fund some of
the test fab for the hobbyists, so it can be pushed forward? Having some
idea of these things would be good.

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 6:04 AM, Lothar Behrens
<lothar.behrens at lollisoft.de>wrote:

> Project planning software - who makes what at which time or day =>
> there are propably web based solutions for it.
> If I think about this, I would expect the benefits of filtering out
> ideas early, but have a short list of all these ideas on hold. Keep
> technical concerns concentrated at one place, we know who will be
> involved and when the tasks are planned for execution.
> That way a potential company could quickly participate by looking at a
> short and concentrated idea/task/project board.
> Would this be a way to form the comunity to be successful?
> If not, how has www.amsat.org got this organized?
> We could also learn from them and ask for feedback :-)

Wow, project planning? Sounds more like a cathedral then a bazaar. But maybe
that's the way hardware has to be? I dunno, I'm a software guy. :)

I'm willing to put in some time and help push this forward. I think it's
crucial that there be community involvement, I don't think OM has all of the
resources to do this themselves. And, this means that we do get some bit of
influence over the project. I mean, if we come up with a working hobby
prototype, it'll be harder for them not to look at this seriously. :)

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