Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Apr 13 14:42:43 CEST 2009

Steve Mosher wrote:
> I think if the community wanted to do anything short term ( say layout  
> and design guys they could get a -G put together is short order

Yup, we had dumbed the design changes down to the point where they
would be almost trivial. Interferences would still merit a closer
look, but that's something one would have to do on a prototype.

> ( ok problems on the wifi interface front)

The wiring change for using SPI is simple and has been tested on
one GTA02-based prototype up to 12 Mbps:

However, our experience with Atheros suggests that their internal
development model isn't compatible with the needs of a small
customer like us. I think the people at Atheros who worked with us
made great efforts to help, but there was only so much they could
accomplish. There is the promise that the AR6002 will be better,
but I don't know if it will also be hampered by the same inflexible
internal process.

The USI module we selected for GTA03 looks quite nice, but it needs
a UART for BT. So that would be difficult with the 2442.

> Supply issues perhaps on the Calypso.

Calypso availability has always been an matter of myth and lore. On
some occasions, it seemed as if we had to make non-trivial changes
to the Calypso circuit to work around parts becoming unavailable,
but we always managed to dodge that bullet. I'm not sure how much
longer until our luck would run out.

Calypso also has the issue of being completely unsupported from TI
now. Even our helpful inside contact at TI is gone. Dieter is
working miracles in dragging that dead horse around the course for
a few more rounds, but also this approach is limited.

So I'd consider the Calypso a very risky choice, with an unknown
potential for sourcing shortages and network problems happening
due to new technology or modes of operation being phased in. E.g.,
the 3G SIMs or the network settings that make #1024 happen more
often. Of course, operator's focus having shifted from 2G to 3G is
helping in keeping the rate of surprises down :-)

- Werner

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