Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Mon Apr 13 17:41:57 CEST 2009

Hello all. I've only registered today but I've been reading the  
traffic in the archives.
So here's my €00,01...

Personally, I expected OM to make good on its promise and deliver a  
phone that works well. Without this, there's no motivation to develop  
Free Software for it. At this point in time, this means to me that a  
good choice for OM would be to make a GTA02.5 system board that can be  
sold online at a very competitive price and that allows current GTA02  
owners to easily replace the dud that currently inhabits their case.
If you make a system board that has rock-solid Wifi+Gsm+Bt+Audio and  
sell it for less or equal to 100 USD, and I can pop it into the  
case+LCM+battery+accessories I already own, then I'll buy it. And so  
would a lot of other people, I think. If you can also take this  
opportunity to replace or somehow enhance the Glamo chip so that we  
have a UI with an acceptable response time, then it would be perfect.

This approach would have several great outcomes: the clients would be  
happier, the company's image would be restored, and OM would cash in a  
little liquidity as well. Only _after_ committing to that, I would  
venture into great and bold new plans for the next super-duper device.  
Personally, I will not buy anything from OM again (and will not advise  
anyone to) unless it can actually deliver a device that _can_ work  
well and a bootloader+kernel that _makes_ it work well. Anything else  
(like applications, frameworks, and distributions) is the  
responsibility and playground of the Community.

I know now (after all those debates and explanations) that OM  
underestimated the difficulty of the process and charged on without a  
firm grasp of reality; to me this came as a surprise because I thought  
I was buying a product made by a large and experienced company (FIC)  
and then by a well-tended spin-off of this same company, but the truth  
is that when OM split from FIC, it started from scratch. I don't  
understand this, and I find it hard to accept that this was not made  
more explicit at the time of spin-off. But, anyway, this is all in the  
past and does not matter anymore.

I just want my Neo to work as flawlessly as any other device on the  
market, so that I can chase the dream of Free SW without cursing every  
10 minutes over a HW problem. If OM gives me this, then I will  
consider buying from them again in the future.

Sincerely, V.

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