Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Wed Apr 15 01:03:07 CEST 2009

I wrote:
> A more feasible choice would be to make the electronics currently
> under the main can (reduced after glamectomy, NORicide, and
> deamplification) swap places with the Calypso area.

Ah, I've combined two observations here. Let me separate them:

1) The 6410 design of GTA03 needs only three big chips for the
   core system: CPU, PMU, and codec. So the equivalent of what
   we have under the main can in GTA02 is fairly small and might
   fit in the Calypso area.

2) With the 2442, we still need the fairly large external DRAM
   chip because the MCP only has 64 MB on-chip. I think this would
   make even the trimmed-down system too big to fit in the Calypso
   area, and something would have to remain in the main can area.
   E.g., PMU or audio.

   That left-behind main can area would be underneath AUX/BUB/accel2,
   so the connections to it would have to be routed under uSD and

   Here's a picture with the MC75 in the location I would use. If
   necessary, it can be shifted towards the top edge by up to about
   5 mm.


Ah yes, while we're at it: one nice idea from GTA03 would be to put
the vibrator on the main PCB. One unattached item less.

- Werner

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