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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 9:32 PM, Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org>wrote:

> Gerald A wrote:
> > EVT, PVT, MP, etc... remember, I'm a mere software mortal, not a hardware
> > hacker (yet!) :)
> Okay, I've already explained EVT and PVT. MP is Mass-Production.

Well, what they generally are (and thanks -- I'm reading in order, just got
to that e-mail. :)) -- but what do they actually stand for?

> More ? :)

BOM = Bill of Materials ?
ROI = Return on Investment


I actually like the newspaper convention, where the first time a TLA (Three
Letter Acronym) is used, it has a little bracket after it with the actual
words. I try to use that, as some acronyms are head scratchers, such as ATM
(Automatic teller machine? Asynchronous Transfer Mode? Some other initials?)

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