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Hello list,
    much as I hate to change the topic of conversation from "Welcome" to
something else I thought I might send on a link.

Somebody mentioned the desirability of having a replacement module which
fitted into the existing FR Plastics. I think that would be so cool, but
very very difficult as you're constrained by the plastics. Anyhow I like
the idea of modular design and thought I might send this link on:

Actually I think that given the problems that we've had with wifi and
graphics and all the rest it might not be the worst idea in the world
for OM to develop a synergistic relationship with the Gumstix people.
They've been churning out little processor boards and expansion boards
for years. Maybe they have a good insight into what wifi issues there
are and the best route to travel etc. etc.

Just a thought. I'm not sure how open gumstix is in terms of hardware. I
think they publish the hardware schematics so that's pretty open. I
might be wrong there because as a SW head what interest would I have in
line digrams ;-)

Given the expansion board which I've linked to is being ported to is
being changed for the latest gumstix overo motherboards you could pick
and choose which CPU you wanted to use. Maybe there are several
different GSM expansion boards depending on different user requirements.

But oh my God the plastics how dated do they look? It's like something
out of Buck Rodgers

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