Dave Ball openmoko at underhand.org
Thu Apr 16 22:44:18 CEST 2009

Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> I'm really puzzled why we (OM that is) don't just publish the schem as of 
> 2008DEC (before crippling) and start our discussion from there
Sounds like a good idea.  I think we're covering a lot of old ground 
again because we (interested parties outside OM) are just starting to 
get up to speed with your last 12 months of development.

My initial thinking was that fixing the most obvious problem with gta02 
(glamo) would give OM an improved device to sell, while not being a 
significant engineering challenge.  From the things said since, it seems 
that there are significant incremental benefits from replacing much of 
gta02 - 6410, gsm, wifi, boot/sd and audio.  Basically, this seems to 
put us at your gta03(II) before wifi/gps were kicked.  And it sounds 
like a pretty sweet device - similar to a 1st-gen iPhone, but fully 
open.  Is there any pricing / target market analysis for such a phone? 

How much of the hw & sw engineering work for this dec2008 device is in 
the bag?  Drivers, suspend/resume, charging, audio/bt routing etc.

If we're contemplating that significant a change from the electronics of 
gta02 does it still make sense to try to cram that all into the 
freerunner body - which was never the nicest ID anyway?  Given the 
problems with the intended ID, what are the risks in trying to cram all 
this into a new case?

Whatever ID, I'd still be inclined to loose the camera - it's not 
functionality that existing gta02 users would miss, or that existing 
software uses.  Even once it's working & has kernel drivers, cameras 
aren't catered for in the current software stacks, and to be done well 
would need lots of improvements to UI's / MMS etc.  Others might 
disagree, but for me the camera seems like a lot of engineering work 
(risk), and not worth the effort.  It'd be better to deliver a polished 
device on time than a late device, or one with incomplete camera software.


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