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Fri Apr 17 04:16:00 CEST 2009

Am Fr  17. April 2009 schrieb Werner Almesberger:
> Neil Brown wrote:
> > Suppose we could get those bytes use by resume-from-suspend to be
> > identical on the NAND and the NOR  - would that be sufficient, or
> > would the noise on the line be likely to cause failed reads?
> I have no idea if there might be transients if NOR/NAND are
> swapped during accesses.

You usually can't switch a chipselect line asynchronously to a multi-pass 
memory-read-cycle. All data lines have to keep steady state wrt other signals 
like e.g strobe etc.
Odds are you completely mess up the read-cycle during which aux-button is 
released, no matter if both mem-areas hold identical data or not.

Again this is clearly off-topic IMHO, as it's a gta0TWO specific issue that's 
not at all applicable for any design we might consider to build GTA03 upon.
(I.e. it's known and solved for GTA03(II)-2008DEC [see my other posting]. And 
the whole topic has been comprehensively explained somewhere in [devel], 
[hw], or [kernel]. No need to get a headache about it here)

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