Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Sat Apr 18 19:21:48 CEST 2009

Am 13.04.2009 um 02:50 schrieb Steve Mosher:

> Werner Almesberger wrote:
>> Gerald A wrote:
>>> The current/testing stuff could be
>>> community designed. Things that get moved to "stable/release" would
>>> have the OM seal of approval.
>> Yes, I think that would be a good model. You can often distribute
>> prototype development for subsystems, and the cost of entry would
>> be relatively small in many cases. E.g., development of the
>> acceleration meter subsystem could have been done completely
>> outside Openmoko and not connected to any specific product. You
>> risk not getting your prototype chosen for the real product, but
>> the loss would be relatively small.
>   It might make sense Werner to map out the various stages of
> development. I'll take a crack at it.. And then a rough schedule
> rough task list, decision points, when we need $, how much etc.
> 1. Target market selection ( who is the customer)
> 2. MRD ( what are their needs)
> 3. Engineering Spec. ( designs a-n that meet the MRD)
> 4. Business plan review. (budgets and ROI)
> 5. Operations review. ( can we produce it)
> 6. Continue or return to step 1,2,3,4 depending on failure mode.
> ha I just turned it into software. GTA03 was stuck in an endless loop

That is not uncommon to planning projects :-) I was paid to run such  
loops for several years...

But having the loop here ist much better that after step 16.

> Cnt-alt-del.
> 7. archetecture and implementation spec
> 8. theory of operations.
> 9. Design.
> 10. Layout.
> 11. Prototype
> 12. EVT
> 13. DVT
> 14. PVT
> 15. MP.
> 16. champagne.

17. Market success

>> Things get more difficult with those parts that you can't just buy
>> online, e.g., CPU, telephony, LCM, battery, etc. A highly visible
>> "community" project may actually have a strong enough reputation
>> that some companies may be interested in cooperating even if they
>> would normally not give you the time of the day unless you're a
>> Fortune 500 company.

> We are in violent agreement. I'll violate my own terms of service
> and suggest these possible paths forward ( some near and dear to  
> werner
> and I) And werner if you can state in a few words were those projects
> stand in development.. and a short engineering eval ( keep your nose  
> out
> of marketing for now or I swear I will pick up my compiler again)
> The next Phone:
>   1. GTA02 cost down
>   2. GTA02 Glamoectomy - G
>   3. GTA02 -G+E Glamoecyomy, new Edge +E
>   4. GTA02 -G+E+P  add 6410
>   then options of camera, 3g etc etc etc.
> you get the idea, and of course the list contains a fresh design, new
> ID, new everything. Long ass list. I'd say for a COMMUNITY project
> we would stick with the 02 case. or make the minor mods that tully
> is looking at ( I have an idea on the camera ) anyways, its pretty
> safe to say that OM continues to look at 1-3 and the community
> would best serve people if they look at 4..N

That are all good options for a GTA02+ path.

For a GTA03 there is a quite different approach - glue together PDA  
and UMTS modules and a Battery. There are some quite interesting PDA  
reference designs or modules on the market.

That may be a little more expensive in terms of BOM but saves a lot of  
money in the area that we currently don't have: detail engineering.

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