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the easter days I was at my home (mother) and I have asked something  
to her friend that may of interest.

He answered to the questions as follows:

Could you create boards up to 8 layers?

Yes, up to 24.

Could you create boards with a density like smartphones or PDA's?


Could you create prototype boards?

Yes, expected price is about 50€ per 2 Layers per 1/2 eurocard.
(The prices are as expected to those of other prototype vendors I think)

Are the prices for a 8 layer board about 4x the price of the 2 layers  

Yes, about that.

The company is in bulgaria, but the leading manager who helped to  
become a candidate for
german companies (quality of production and the like) is that person.

As of the questions are answered mostly with yes, I will write this  
here :-)

If there is any more interest, if prototypes or the like could be  
produced, please ask.

You propably know of them, but here are the first adresses:

Interesting flex pcb (CERN), multilayer, laser ?? (german website only):

The company in bulgaria I mentioned my mother's friend:


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