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Sun Apr 19 20:25:48 CEST 2009

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Am 16.04.2009 um 18:49 schrieb Joerg Reisenweber:
>> Am Do  16. April 2009 schrieb Gerald A:
>>> I know at the prototype stage you
>>> are looking at limited yields and so forth, but from what I've  
>>> gleaned out
>>> of the conversation it might be possible if one of those protos  
>>> turns out to
>>> be business infeasible we could see if community hardware guys  
>>> could re-work
>>> it into something better?
>>> My line of thought here is having more options to choose from is  
>>> better,
>>> although everyone has to understand that "working" doesn't mean  
>>> "viable to
>>> be mass produced".
>> Actually OM was about to EE a device codename GTA04(I) maybe  
>> 12months ago,
>> then when it became obvious it's some duty and some time to finish  
>> the task
>> of creating a whole new better design, OM downgraded to GTA03(II)  
>> which was
>> meant to be a very cautious improvement based on GTA02. (Later Steve  
>> and I
>> started work on a different GTA04(II), but that's a completely  
>> different
>> story) Anyway we kept the case (ID) of GTA04(I) for GTA03(II).  
>> Eventually it
>> came down out of blue sky to whole OM EE stuff GTA03 is now using 6410
>> instead of 2442. We restarted development again. We kept the ID.
>> Around 2008Dec there were first (semi)working prototypes(!), but  
>> they had some
>> minor difficulties with stacking of all the antennae. This made ME  
>> (Tully)
>> suggest a minimal change in ID. We kept ID, we kicked WLAN, GPS...  
>> dunno what
>> else instead. We restarted EE.
> That should not happen of course. But it happens...
> Generally, the hardware architecture (i.e. which CPU) should be one of  
> the freezed features...

>> Now we are about to discuss how to cram all the stuff already there  
>> incl
>> schematics and all into a GTA02 case which never will work anyway as  
>> we
>> needed some mods to the case no matter how hard we'll try to do the  
>> whole job
>> of last 12 months once more. The big mistake hs been and still is  
>> trying to
>> do EE for a sacrosanct ID that's not taking care whatsever about EE
>> prerequisites.
>> I'm really puzzled why we (OM that is) don't just publish the schem  
>> as of
>> 2008DEC (before crippling) and start our discussion from there,  
>> instead of
>> thinking about doing the whole job (and same mistakes) once again.
>> It wasn't a big deal to finally get out GTA02 schem, once OM made up  
>> their
>> mind. I could do same job for GTA03 schematics as well, wouldn't  
>> even need to
>> visit TPE this time.
> Good proposal - so that the GTA03-WG could continue there.

   I'll see what I can do
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