GTA02-- : phoneless embedded development platform

Steve Mosher steve at
Mon Apr 20 10:17:50 CEST 2009

Rúben Leote Mendes wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been searching for some linux-based device that can be used to
> do some embedded development with zero or near zero hardware hacking.
> The GTA02 has everything I need. In fact it has more than I need and is
> therefore too expensive. I don't know if this would be profitable but
> I have the feeling that a device like what I describe below could be the
> basis for a popular embedded development platform. The marketing guys
> (hi Steve) will probably tell me to shut up. ;-)
   Not to your face. hehe. Seriously, I basically have an open mind 
policy. I'll listen to any idea, steal the good ones, and pretend they
  are mine. just kidding.
> Here is the main idea. There are many embedded platforms, even completely
> open and linux compatible out there, but I can't find (m)any that have a
> user interface built in, that is without additional hacking with the
> hardware (adding LCD, keyboard). Software guys don't want to mess around
> with hardware, they want a plug-and-hack device.
> This is what I think should be present is such a device:
> * Portability - should fit in a pocket (mandatory)
> * Input/output
>   - USB host and device mode (mandatory)
>   - Wifi (optional but recommended)
>   - bluetooth (optional)
>   - ethernet (optional)
>   - rs232 (optional)
> * User interface
>   - display (mandatory - QVGA enough)
>   - builtin keyboard or touchscreen (mandatory - latter prefered)
> * Storage
>   - uSD (optional but recommended)
> * Sound
>   - Output (mandatory)
>   - Input (optional)
> Now introducing the GTA02-- device. Start with GTA02 and:
> * Remove GSM (not a phone)
> * Remove GPS (can use bluetooth gps if needed)
> * Remove accelerometers (if costs go down enough)
> * Remove vibrator (if costs go down enough)
> * Eventually remove wifi and bluetooth (if costs go down enough)
> * Optional glamoectomy
> * Keep case and everything else as is to lower costs
> As this is mainly removing parts it doesn't seem to be very hard or
> time consuming project. It also makes less demands on the software side
> because many drivers aren't needed anymore, so maybe this could be
> sold as a "finished" product even today software-wise. Can also help to
> reduce the surplus inventory of some parts that OM have in stock.
> Later, if there is enough demand for it, a new case can be designed
> and a completely new device engineered.
> Some uses for this device come to mind:
> * Home automation displays (wall mounted and pocket)
> * Tiny point-of-sale (wireless or usb connected to thermal printer)
> * Sensor data logger
> * Many other embedded applications that need user interaction
> So what do you think?
> Would it take valueable resources away from the main projects?
> What would be the expected price of such a device?
> Could it be cheaper than a mass marketed netbook like the 7" Eee PC?
> Sorry the for the long mail and thank you for reading.
> Regards,

  You would be surprised how many people asked for A GTA02 -GSM

  basically if you look at the costs of BT,WIFI,GPS, you are not talking
  Big bucks. The big bucks are GSM, LCD, touch, processor.

  BT, GPS,WIFI are peanuts.

  I could prolly do tthe Gta02-GSM-Glamo for 199. sold direct of course.

  And the markets you identified are exactly the kind of guys who came
  at me. If you need telephony get a dongle..

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