Some questions I always wanted to ask

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Apr 20 23:45:05 CEST 2009

Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
> I see basically 3 levels of community involvement in the new case design.

That looks good, yes. Given that EE and ME influence each other at
least until the 2nd stage, it would seem that the process should
be open until that point.

> If you modelled something using these programs, you must redo them in
> a proper 3D CAD program to be able to fabricate it.

I'm just beginning to discover what exactly is involved in mechanical
design, so perhaps these are stupid questions, but are there other
tasks only a solid modeling CAD can do besides providing smoother curves
than a mesh-based system ? Also, couldn't one use, say, AoI as a solid
modeler by simply not creating meshes and working with solids instead ?

> BRL-CAD simply lacks the gui. It is nightmare to do any real and
> appealing work in it.
> It is like using inkscape versus editing the .svg file with vim;)

Heh, right ;-)

> But it lacks some very vital function and because of this it is
> cumbersome to model in it.
> (like boolean add. It results often a corrupt model).

You mean that the implementation of "union" is defective ? Or would
that be some other function ?

> And for the reprap objects it is perfectly good (and enough) the mesh
> objects. It "rasterizes" the 3D object
> anyway (when printed).

Well, in the end almost everything gets rasterized ;-)

- Werner

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