Project files management (was Re: Welcome)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Apr 21 19:07:18 CEST 2009

Rafael Campos wrote:
> Well, i'd like to start some experiments. Some of us could start with
> KiCAD, or gEDA, and post some "ussability".

Excellent ! A first step could be to start making the components
for the schematics. This initially only needs coordination of who
does what, and a little synchronization on style.

Maybe start with the larger chips. Of these we have:

- CPU, S3C2442B MSP54 (U1501)
- PMU, PCF50633HN/04/N3 (U1701)
- DRAM, K4M51323PC-D (U2201)
- Codec, WM8753LGEFL (U3001)
- Accelerometer, LIS302DL (U7801)
- Boost converter, AAT1275IRN (U4904)

It should be possible to just copy the pin assignment from the public
GTA02 schematics, i.e.,
has links to most of the data sheets.

I'd suggest breaking the CPU down into smaller pieces and making a
multi-part/unit component.

- Werner

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