GTA02-core task diagram (was Re: Some questions I always wanted to ask)

Steve Mosher steve at
Wed Apr 22 20:39:09 CEST 2009


   I'm making some "baby step " progress on getting components for the 

   That is donating components.

   What assets do you need ( gerbers, project files etc)

   If I can release these these I would like to release them to some 
legal entity with the approprite limitations


Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
>> Which number of layers,
> I think it may be possible to bring this down to six layers, but
> let's be conservative and assume we stay at eight.
>> components,
> About 300, with ~10-20 of them possibly needing special attention
> (large BGAs, oddly shaped connectors, extra baking, special reflow
> constaints, etc.)
> This assumes we keep the RF items out. If we add them, e.g., as
> Gerber copies, that's another ~200 components.
>> units are you assuming?
> Hard to tell. It depends on how many people would be crazy enough
> to want to own a very expensive but otherwise hardly useful trophy
> device and/or if some sponsor shows up. Assuming that we're on our
> own and a price tag in the EUR 500-1000 region for PCB plus SMT,
> probably not more than ten.
> Oh, and the least we could do is print something like "I changed
> the rules of the game and all I got is this lousy board." on it ;-)
>> And how fast should SMT be?
> I'd say getting a slot within 1-2 weeks should be good enough. The
> actual SMT should be fast - they wouldn't want to keep our components
> on their machines any minute longer than necessary.
> - Werner

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