GTA02-core task diagram (was Re: Some questions I always wanted to ask)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Apr 22 22:21:42 CEST 2009

Steve Mosher wrote:
>   I'm making some "baby step " progress

It's good that Zenos' paradoxes have been refuted :-)

> on getting components for the project.
>   That is donating components.

That's great, thanks ! Having to shop for all the components would
be a lot of work and they would be ridiculously expensive.

>   What assets do you need ( gerbers, project files etc)

Gerbers would be great as a reference for how the routing can be done
and also as a reference for component placement and the overall
mechanical design. (This would complement the CAD files which are
somewhat difficult to work with and I'm not sure if they're 100%

I think at least for the areas covered in "GTA02-core", there should
be no conflicts with IP of other parties. In the likely event that
there are things that can't be publicly released, it would be good
if Openmoko could make a public and a non-public version, so that as
many people as possible have access to as much information as
possible. I imagine making the public version would simply mean to
select the respective areas and deleting all components, vias, and
traces, so the amount of work should be trivial.

The original BOM would also be nice to have. We'll need to make at
least a transcript but having the original as a reference would be
good. Having the Openmoko reference numbers (which are in the BOM)
would also be useful when it comes to sorting the components.

I honestly don't even know how to evaluate the IP/NDA situation of
a BOM. My guess would be that there aren't really any major secrets
but Openmoko's own in there. (Hehe, finally it will be revealed how
much has been sourced from Shangri-La ACME scrapyard ;-))

>   If I can release these these I would like to release them to some  
> legal entity with the approprite limitations

Okay. Such an entity may also be a suitable agent for the business
side of PCB making and SMT.

Is the idea of setting up a non-profit to act as an umbrella
organization still on ?

- Werner

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