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Thu Jan 29 10:34:04 CET 2009

- Engineering Verification Testing,
- Design Verification Testing, and
- Process (or Pilot) Verification Test

> BOM = Bill of Materials ?
> ROI = Return on Investment


> MRD?

Coming from Steve, I think it's Marketing Requirements Document :)

> I actually like the newspaper convention, where the first time a TLA (Three
> Letter Acronym) is used,

Heh, that's a luxury we lost when the "editor" stopped being a person
and became something like vi :)

> (Automatic teller machine? Asynchronous Transfer Mode? Some other initials?)

It's also the local transport system in Milano. Rather confusing if
you're really looking for an ATM and naive enough to be willing to
believe for a moment they would really label their ATMs at the
central train station such that visitors not familiar with the local
language would easily find them ...

- Werner

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