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Thu Jan 29 10:34:04 CET 2009

> Yesterday, I used the 2009.02.16 release and had trouble to merge them.
> Most of them worked pretty fine with slight modification except the
> eeschema-plot....patch, some variables were not defined and I couldn't
> find where they are defined. I might need to switch to the svn version.

Yes, sometimes there's a bunch of cleanup changes that need
all patches to be updated. Doesn't happen too often, and the
patches are small, but you never know.

> In general I'm a little bit careful using developer versions in
> production. I really don't like to waste time only because a program is
> unstable or fezzes and hours of work will be lost.

The thing is that many recent changes are directly for our project,
so I think it makes sense to stay close to the latest development.
Someone who discovers an upset can just post a warning and we can
then wait until things have settled.

Just right now, there happens to be a big change in progress: the
ugly fonts are getting replaced with much more readable Hershey
fonts. This is good, because it means that we can use the new fonts
in the layout and it will also make the reviews easier as some of
the characters were easily confused.

What's bad at the moment is that the new font size differs a bit
from the old size.



It's particularly visible on the second page.

This problem is being worked on, so I hope we'll have correct sizes
again before too long. But it may be safer not to upgrade beyond
revision 1786 before this has settled. (My patches apply cleanly
against revision 1795 as well.)

- Werner

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