criteria when selecting next MPU

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Sat Apr 26 02:05:59 CEST 2008

Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
>> what is consensus on level of performance bump
>> is needed for next Freerunner?
> Ah, that's what we call the "CPU" now :) (Used to be "MCU", but since
> we also have a PMU and now an MPU, that's too close for comfort.
> We're basically constrained by what chips we can get. We decided to go
> with Samsung again, since we perceive this to have the lowest design
> risk for us. GTA04 will have a Samsung 6400. Clock rate will be roughly
> the same as in GTA02, but the ARM core is more modern (ARM11 instead of
> ARM9), which brings a number improvements.
The 10 page technical brief - 
does indeed make it look shiny.

I note that the 6410 has 3d accel, and claims to be a straight drop-in, 
which is nice. (I haven't got access to the datasheet yet - if they'll 
let me.)  And references to a drop-in 6430 - but no details.

Is there a GTA03?

500MHz, with DDR RAM (possibly), and onboard 2d accel should really fly 
- even for screens as 'large' as VGA.

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