SDIO multiplexing

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On 28/04/2008, Werner Almesberger <werner at> wrote:
|>  > Basically a form of SDIO multiplexing.
|>  > Other options would be SPI.
|> We once asked Samuel about SPI, and he said that it would be slower,
|>  but still good enough. (In real life, the theoretically possible
|>  maximum speed is rarely reached anyway.)
|>  Without digging through the Atheros driver, I don't know how much work
|>  it would be to put it on SPI. If the abstraction is clean, it could be
|>  very simple. If not, a pain.
| You'd need to also adapt the mmc/sd stack in linux/drivers/mmc/ to use
| the SPI mode because it's not supported by linux at the moment.  In
| this mode different MMC commands are allowed and the state machine is
| a little different.  There may already be patches available somewhere.

I think we propose to just move WLAN interface to native SPI, leave MMC
/ SD using native SDIO interface from S3C2442.  So no need for
considering the SPI mode of MMC commands.

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