Y-cable and USB-OTG: mutually exclusive

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Tue Apr 29 08:40:43 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Could we use the debug port for this ?

| :) :) :)
| VERY GOOD idea!!! :)
| Ok, this one will work for sure, I'll keep an eye on it.
| Having a 1.Xmm coax power connector on the outside to allow for everyday
| regular use with *very* usual off-the-shelf power adapters is a
| different thing, that's to be decided upon by product *design* (Sean_M-P
| in the end?). I like the idea, but seems there's not much support from
| anybody else. Nevermind.

Standing orders are to make stuff simpler, less connectors (er... except
debug) less everything, more function.  So the debug USB port for power
idea goes well there, although the confusion aspect is increased if
people use both connectors routinely.

The pcf50633 also has this "adapter" concept that we should look at
deploying for debug USB power input, it's not used in GTA02, that'd be
pretty neat.

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