Accelerometer(s), Camera, and Memory

Uwe Klein wiederling at
Tue Jul 22 00:44:07 CEST 2008

On 7/21/08, Joachim Steiger <roh at> wrote:

>  on the other end of the moko you can see the mic in the middle and the
>  accel right of it.
>  yes, its these small black rectangular boxes with 12 pads. about 5x2.5mm

Hi, new to the list, greetings.

Just got my Freerunner here on Saturday.

I did some testing with the /dev/input/event* files.

I can see the sensor that is mounted orthogonal to the case
on event3 ( counts are about 980 per 1g . the Y and Z axis
have reasonable offsets of <10 counts, the X axis has 1400counts
making it go overrange in the g+ direction.
(turning that axis over makes the counts stick 45deg left/right of the
max position.)

the second sensor (on event2) does not produce events

I see events on event0 ( button top left ) event1 (touchscreen,
position and pen down events)
and event4 ( buton lower right )


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