Reason for GPS problems found! / more patches

Simon Matthews s.matthews at
Tue Jul 22 05:43:25 CEST 2008

> So the fact you were OK at drive level 0 should mean are able to use SD
> card how you like without problems from SD_CLK to GPS any more.
Surely the hardware and software 'fixes' can only be seen as a total fix
if they make the SN (signal to noise ratio) of the GPS the same as if
the SD card is not present. I would have thought that each of these
modifications would improve the SN ratio but would not make it the same
as not having the SD card present.

I know it is hard but it would be nice to get some figures on how each
of these modifications by themselves and together effect the SN ratio.

It might turn out that the software clock drive solution by itself is as
good as or better than adding the capacitor, and adding the capacitor
does not improve the SN ratio any further once the clock drive mod is
done, which would make it unnecessary.


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