Reason for GPS problems found! / more patches

Simon Matthews s.matthews at
Tue Jul 22 15:57:42 CEST 2008

> > Surely the hardware and software 'fixes' can only be seen as a total fix
> > if they make the SN (signal to noise ratio) of the GPS the same as if
> > the SD card is not present.
> FWIW and IMAO, this definition of a "total fix" is impractical almost to
> the point of uselessness. There will always be some noise in a tightly
> packed product incorporating many high frequency sources. The question
> is if the noise is significant (as it seems to have originally been).

Sorry i don't think i have made myself clear. What i meant is that each
of the modifications has been claimed to be a fix, when i would think
they are only an improvement. What i am trying to get at is to find
which of the modifications gives the best improvement.

I know it is difficult to quantify this but it would be nice to know
that say the clock current drive decrease by itself improved the SN
ratio by say 6dB, the capacitor mod by itself improved the SN by say
3dB, and combined the change was 6dB. If this was the case just the
software mod would be necessary. If on the other hand the combined
change was 9dB then both would be worthwhile.

> Again, kudos to the team for a job well done on all fronts, sw and hw,
> with regard to this issue.
I agree with this. I find it very impressive that they can get three
radio transmitters, four radio receivers, high speed electronics and
audio working in such a small package without more problems, and
probably done on a shoestring budget as well.


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