Replacement for the debug board flex cable

Michael Shiloh michael at
Tue Jul 22 18:32:22 CEST 2008

Liviu Dudau wrote:
> Hi,
> Playing with my GTA01Bv4 and flashing a new u-boot to try I have managed to brick the phone. Given that I have purchased an Advanced kit, I took
> +the debug board with which I played a couple of days before by soldering some JTAG pins only to discover that I have managed somehow to pinch the
> +flex cable and I am no longer able to communicate with Neo1973.
> My options at the moment (given that I don't have any idea if I didn't actually manage to break the board) are:
> a) borrow someone's debug board and flex cable. I live in Cambridge, UK.
> b) source a new flex cable and test if that's where the fault is
> c) buy a new debug board (would rather not to).
> Please advice!

I suggest you post this to the community list - much more activity 
there. In particular, ask to know who has a debug board in your vicinity.

I'm sure there are some in London and Oxford. Not sure what is the most 
convenient for you. Joseph Reeves is a very pleasant 10 minute walk 
along the Thames from the Oxford train station. (YMMV)

(What we need is a map showing the locations of all Openmoko owners. For 
the paranoid, it can be a linkedin- or twitter-like invitation where you 
share your info with someone and invite them to share back with you. Can 
someone whip this up using Fireeagle?)


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