GTA04 Block V4

joerg at joerg at
Thu May 1 12:17:59 CEST 2008

Am Do  1. Mai 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> This documents a proposal that we won't use and the no-JTAG MSP430 with
> UART mux that it seems we will.

The mux setup looks somewhat confusing to me, we don't have 3 ports on FTDI 
chip. Guess there's a black rail surplus, and mux goes up to the "T".

Multicolor LEDs will probably go to 430-GPIO, not PCF50633. At least if we 
really want support for lots of them. Oops no, there are another bunch of LED 
already, so these multicolor are the button backlights - right? Wonder 
whether we got enough 6400-GPIO to do the wired-or trick on the LED-array as 

System-I2C can route to GSM too, we got a spare serial IO there. There's a 
ring-IRQout on GSM that will route to CPU and MPU, to signal inbound calls.

Same with I2S for audio, we have I2S on GSM IIRC.

GSM UART plus USB was consensus yesterday, I think. If we really have to use 
USB, and can not use another serial IO (like I2C).

BT hooked via USB on left side, via UART on the right?

WLAN is er... SDIO?

Power from debugUSB to 50633...

> Joerg, you were looking at FTDI earlier, do you have an idea for how to
> mux the UART that will be good for userspace using /dev/ttyS1 semantics?
> ~ Eg, RTS or such?

I'll have an eye on this, proposal posted later on. Have to learn about exact 
GTA02 UART hw-lineup for ttySx, too.


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