SDIO multiplexing

joerg at joerg at
Thu May 1 19:44:54 CEST 2008

Am Fr  2. Mai 2008 schrieb Sören Apel:
> It seems the consensus is to restore SDIO for microSD use and attach the
> Wi-Fi module using SPI instead. Now I'm curious - have any decisions
> been
> made about whether this will actually be applied to the GTA02 design?
> Personally I'm all for knocking the glamo off the PCB, so I'd really
> love
> to see this happen before mass production, even if it delays matters.

Nope, IIGTR these are plans for an "improved" GTA02, when we might get 
EOL-problems to get glamo chips for mass production, at some point in the 
Right now MP is going to produce devices with glamo, I don't think there will 
be *any* acceptance for delay due to "don't-like-glamo" related redesigns. 
(unless we find a magic trick to replace it with some 0Ohm resistors, without 
changing any of the other circuitry, certs, production tests...). These 
devices have passed DVT and even PVT (most part...) and for sure there won't 
be any change just for beauty of design any more. Fab ramps up...


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