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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Now on topic:
| MCU is a technically interesting thing to do for GTA04 (Engineer's
point of
| view), but I missed description of any exactly defined usecase up til
| that would make me think it's worth the additional effort and -in
| extremely high cost (13$/chip, Sean tells me: device costs increase by
| 3 of part costs. Plus circuitry engineering, PCB-routing, FW-coding
| expenses!).

This $13 -> $60 figure is just disinformation.  It is the 100-up pricing
from TI's website for a device we believe is overkill anyway, but we put
on the first prototype so we won't make problems running out of space.
If we need the thing, it will almost certainly be in $4.90/100 variant,
which probably costs FIC $2-3.  OK?

| Now I hear on the GTA04 meeting (that I missed (shame on me)),
consensus was
| we *will* use the MCU. So I think there have to be some good arguments
| came up there on Wednesday to convince everybody except me it's worth
to sell
| GTA04 on X+~60$ with MCU, and there are usecases like x), y), z) and
| corresponding added value of device, compared to a GTA04 w/o MCU that
| for X$.

That decision was made last Friday, on Wednesday I asked if there was
any issue about the MPU being used: the answer was "no", and we moved on.

| Please give me a comprehensive list of these usecases to
| a) convince me it's the right thing to go MCU

You two guys that now have a problem with the ~$2-3 MPU wasted most of
Friday's meeting trying to sell the frankly crazy alternative of adding
a *second S3C6400* to perform the MPU tasks.

We can make a cool phone either way, but if the MPU pans out, it will
allow us to go a further than people expect on battery life and in other
areas.  If it doesn't pan out, then no harm done since we design to work
without it too from the start.  Where is the problem?

- -Andy
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