SDIO multiplexing

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Fri May 2 04:28:05 CEST 2008

On Thu, 01 May 2008 19:54:45 +0200 Philippe Guillebert
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> Sören Apel wrote:
> > Personally I'm all for knocking the glamo off the PCB, so I'd really
> > love to see this happen before mass production, even if it delays matters.
> Come on, let's get realistic : GTA02 is just around the corner, it seems 
> obvious there won't be any changes in the design !
> I agree with you, glamo seems to suck ; but it's not doing any harm 
> either on the GTA02 design. It won't be the fully featured graphic chip 
> we hoped (lack of drivers and possibly, bandwidth), but it seems to be 
> doing well for basic graphics.
> About that : hardware MPEG decoding feature is, on paper, nice ; is 
> there any chance this gets implemented (not with glamo, of course) in 
> future releases ?

it is more likely in future products to do something like this, but needs much
more forethought and planning.

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