Y-cable reinvented - for USB-OTG

joerg at openmoko.org joerg at openmoko.org
Tue May 6 18:28:19 CEST 2008

Am Mi  7. Mai 2008 schrieb Werner Almesberger:
> joerg at openmoko.org wrote:
> > The ID pin on A and B(2) could be left open completely I think.
> Ah yes, B(2).ID to GND would be very wrong indeed. Sorry about
> confusing that one.

Nevermind. Anyway thanks for writing this comprehensive description :)

> > User has to build the cable himself, so he mustn't blame me/OM ;-)
> Elegant solution ;-)
> - Werner

@steve: And costs us literally pennies (<50, if any) to get additional 
functionality for the user (and a technically better product btw). So WHAT'S 
WRONG with Y-cable solution???


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