GTA04 SoC/CPU and LCD size

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On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 12:08 PM, Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:

> However, to me personally, the Imagination closed graphics is a
> show-stopper.
> If they would at least document / open source the mode-setting, low-level
> init,
> framebuffer and 2D bits, it would be better.  But Imagination appears as
> closed
> as nVidia in the PC market.

> However, I have received rumours that the driver architecture of
> Imagination is
> actually only a thin binary-only HAL with an open source OpenGL-ES
> implementation on top only a thin binary-only HAL with an open source
> OpenGL-ES
> implementation on top.  If that is the truth, then there's hope that
> somebody
> can reimplement that hal without much trouble.
> However, I haven't yet seen the actual graphics drivers for Linux on OMAP3.
> If anyone has pointers on this, I'd really appreciate it.

As far as I know there is already a free driver for the framebuffer
available (omapfb), what already makes the OMAP3 even with anything else
that's been considered (the S3C64xx doesn't have accelerated graphics with
free drivers either, does it?).
I also heard that a free driver for the DSP will be available till the end
of the year, if it isn't already.

Like mentioned in this thread before it also seems, that there are MCPs
available - so is there any argument, despite having to pay for the PowerVR
in the OMAP without using it, for the S3C?
The OMAP is a lot faster, has a lot more features and doesn't come from a
company that doesn't care about open source the slightest bit.
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