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thomasg wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 10:51 PM, Andy Green <andy at
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>     Steady on, that OMAP device is marginally slower vs s3c6410 CPU, 600 vs
>     633MHz.  And it's hard to say that Samsung "doesn't care about open
>     source the slightest bit", they did go to the trouble to make the BSP
>     available for Linux.  By the time we're done with them they will have
>     mainline support for it.
> Ok, let's hope samsung becomes better in this area, so this is ok for me.
> But isn't the cortex with 600 mhz faster than the arm11 with 633?
> Another thing is, that the OMAP3 core has (afaik) bigger caches than the
> S3C.

How Samsung are positioned with FOSS is a different issue than how 6410
is positioned, we can solve the Linux part of the latter for sure but
the former, including datasheet availability, takes more work (which is
going on).  I do think that a lot of the sting from no datasheet is
taken out by having solid Linux drivers for all of the peripheral units,
 if the drivers correctly expose the bulk of the functionality there's
much reduced reason to consult the datasheet at all.  But it's not
really the point, the closed datasheet is part of a closed mindset.

>     OMAP has this sexy DSP business, but the Glamo has all kinds of
>     coprocessors that will never get used.  6410 is going to make a
>     satisfying basis for a smart device I think.
> Did I get this right? GTA04 will get the same glamo we GTA02 owners know?
> Will it be good enough with the new connections of the S3C64xx, even if
> the other limitations (blitting only  512x512) are still existant?

No -- I mean that GTA02 has "risc coprocessors" too like the OMAP
discussed here, they are not automatically any benefit unless they are
actually deployed to do something was the point.  I don't think it's any
secret we likely won't be using the Glamo again.

If the DSP is deployed in vendor or third party provided reference codec
implementations like WMV9, there are patent and copyright issues going
to be all over them from our POV.

Of source the situation with s3c6410 3D stuff is unclear right now too.

Cortex 8 / ARM v7 main claims to fame seem to be MMX-type thing NEON,
different microarchitecture (still in-order), and Thumb 2, sooner or
later I guess it is in the stars for us in OMAP or not.  But before then
we will use s3c6410 it seems.

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