GTA04 SoC/CPU and LCD size

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> No -- I mean that GTA02 has "risc coprocessors" too like the OMAP
> discussed here, they are not automatically any benefit unless they are
> actually deployed to do something was the point.  I don't think it's any
> secret we likely won't be using the Glamo again.
> If the DSP is deployed in vendor or third party provided reference codec
> implementations like WMV9, there are patent and copyright issues going
> to be all over them from our POV.
>> for this there is another solution. No vendor provides support for
>> patented codecs and stuff in
>> Linux Market but anyone can install it from huge no of community repos
>> available. And when TI

Yes, but these implementations run on normal CPU.  Stuff may or may not
get ported to magic DSPs; just saying that first, availability of magic
DSP vendor or third party "IP" reference codecs is not meaningful for
us, and second, it's likely that proprietary DSP coprocessor concept
found only on one family will suffer from at least the hurdle of effort
needed to make special Free implementations.

>> I suggest that we should be active on the beagleboard mailing list,
>> strongly backed by TI, to have an informed view on this
> Of source the situation with s3c6410 3D stuff is unclear right now too.
>> situation about any 3d core always remains fuzzy. Complete freedom in
>> this area will come only with GPLed graphics core :-)

Yes somehow these products are at the intersection of the remaining
closed flashpoints, GSM, WLAN firmware, blobs in GPS we dodged, 3D...

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