GTA04 SoC/CPU and LCD size

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Sat Oct 11 22:13:42 CEST 2008

2008/10/11 Pritam Ghanghas <lists4pghanghas at>:
> On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 7:43 PM, Pritam Ghanghas
> <lists4pghanghas at> wrote:
>> As I already mentioned for PowerVR also, there will be a open source
>> kernel driver with a binary user space
>> driver port.

I'm not allowed to say any more but there are non-OMAP devices using
PowerVR in making whose developers hope for fully open drivers by the
time of release.

>> you can have a look at the following portion from the url
>> Graphics accelerator
>> OMAP3530 used on BeagleBoard contains a graphics accelerator (SGX)
>> based on the SGX core from Imagination Technologies. PowerVR SGX530 is
>> a new generation of programmable PowerVR graphics and video IP cores.
>> Only the kernel portions of Linux drivers will be open source. The
>> PowerVR folks will provide binary user-space libraries. Using the
>> EMail contact at TIs Mobile Gaming Developers page there are Linux
>> v2.6 OMAP3430 SDKs for OMAP3 Zoom and SDP supporting OpenGL ES v2.0,
>> OpenGL ES v1.1 and OpenVG 1.0 available.
>> This is the maximum you will be available to get from any vendor
>> without signing a NDA.
>> I still dont understand openmoko is so keen on Samsung. Is it giving
>> them some platform maturity advantage as all their
>> products till now had Samsung SoC. There is no doubt OMAP3 is better.


>> And I am sure that TI would have contacted them
>> and offered all the help because they are seemingly contacting and
>> endorsing every open source project out there.
> why was this discussion thrown in cold. Or everyone is on the same
> plane except me. Or
> Openmoko has already decided and its set in stone.

As I understand, for GTA04 it is decided for some time already.  It's
not decided for future devices.

BTW It's great that Openmoko puts this much effort in having a
mainline acceptable SDK but it's very hard to catch up with the years
of support by community and vendors on OMAP meaning that every little
quirk of the hardware has been explored, especially in the power
management playground.  So quality-wise it's not something that is
solved by throwing enough money at it.

I hope this investment doesn't tie OM further to s3c series (one of
the arguments for staying with it in gta04 was familiarity, so I just
hope this argument is not used again).


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