GTA04 SoC/CPU and LCD size

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Sun Oct 12 11:08:56 CEST 2008

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andrzej zaborowski wrote:

> BTW It's great that Openmoko puts this much effort in having a
> mainline acceptable SDK but it's very hard to catch up with the years
> of support by community and vendors on OMAP meaning that every little
> quirk of the hardware has been explored, especially in the power
> management playground.  So quality-wise it's not something that is
> solved by throwing enough money at it.

Well I can agree OMAP 3 has more firepower, and that we will be making
6410 device first.  But I don't really see that Ben Dooks' work
rewriting the 6410 BSP is going to give inherently worse results than
what they have; he did mention the OMAP tree when I met him and did not
seem to feel it was in great shape.  The fresh implementation will at
least have zero bitrot and use latest stuff.

> I hope this investment doesn't tie OM further to s3c series (one of
> the arguments for staying with it in gta04 was familiarity, so I just
> hope this argument is not used again).

We have to compare what's around by then, not what's around now, to make
a decision then.  If there are no other competing devices at the same
level (I imagine in some months there will be) then OMAP 3 is looking
good by default.

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