GSM-noise "buzz" issue

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> Hi Joerg and others,
> I haven't followed the whole thread as I only understand 1%. So just one
> quick and dirty question:
> I have the two years EU warranty and am going to send my FR to my
> distributor anyway because GPS is not working with the internal antenna.
> (Independant of SD card.)
> So if I send it in, is there any fix that could be applied for the
> buzz? Or is it worth to wait, say another week, because there will be
> something then?
> And - if you allow me to be off-topic - is there any improvement fix for
> the headphone jack? I mean this hipass-filtering issue making music
> sound quite tinny.
> Thanks!
> Ole
Hi Ole,

I don't know whether Joerg has attempted the hardware fix yet. I finished
mine yesterday. Attaching the bead to the pad of pin 4 does NOT fix the GSM
buzz issue.

There are a couple of pictures.

Connector with pad 4 removed:

It's a little hard to see, in this photo the bead is soldered standing up on
pin4 with a jumper wire from the top of the bead to the side of the headset

With this change the buzz is just as bad as ever.


Angus Ainslie
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