Stephane Fillod f4cfe at free.fr
Fri Sep 5 19:43:48 CEST 2008

Joerg Reisenweber <joerg at ...> writes:
> Am Do  28. August 2008 schrieb Werner Almesberger:
> > Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> > Sounds good and safe to me as well. One problem is that UCLK/GPH8 is
> > currently used in GTA03, so we'd have to find a way to free this if
> > we don't want to regress.
> one more good reason to do it *now*, as we easily can reorder GPIO for GTA03 
> in this stage of development.
> So I guess I'll set up a ECN for GTA02 *and* GTA03.

That'd be great to have UCLK/GPH8 accessible on an external pad
for hacking purpose. I have some SDR plan on interfacing an AD9874[1],
but since the Samsung SoC has no SPORT, it should fall back to an
UART interface plus an external clock, because of high baudrate.
Receiving WFM stations should then be possible, as well as higher 
band shortwave broadcast, 2m amateur band, marine, aviation, etc.


Stephane - F8CFE

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