MSP430, with or without OS

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Tue Sep 9 18:52:31 CEST 2008

Evgeny Ginzburg <Nad.Oby at> writes:

> Hello
> I got the impression? that MSP430 have goo chances to be an MPU in 
> future hardware design.
> I've recently found what open-source OS - COntiki (maybe more than one) 
> available for this platform.
>  From paper [2] I understand that Contiki have event based kernel, 
> sounds good for MPU job and possibility to update/download new programs 
> during runtime (there is also possibility to replace the kernel to).
> The question: Is it possible or desirable to have a such "full" OS on MPU?
> P.S . I'm a nonprogrammer so _can_ speak absolutely nonsense.

This actually looks fairly interesting--from the overview paper it
seems to be nothing more than a lightweight kernel and software stack
that abstract event notification/polling from hardware along with a
bit of power management code. Something that would have been to be
done *anyway*. The code is BSD licensed too conveniently enough.

It looks to have a decent standard library as well, and uses gcc for
cross compilation of applications. Perhaps this would make having an
MPU more feasible assuming that the mps430 or a similar chip is to be
used and that the backend port to it is complete enough.

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