MSP430, with or without OS

Clinton Ebadi clinton at
Tue Sep 9 21:02:15 CEST 2008

"Thomas Schmid" <thomas.schmid at> writes:

> Note that the msp430 is a 16-bit MPU and runs at most at 16MHz,
> depending on which version you get. I don't think that this would be
> fast enough at all for what you guys want to do with it. the msp430 is
> very popular in the sensor network community because of its low power
> requirements.

The chip (or a similarly classed one) was potentially going to be used
in the gta04 or later to handle basic power management and whatnot
while the SoC was asleep. From what I recall of the discussion even
the mps430 was deemed perhaps a bit overkill for this, but in the end
it seems that the anti-mpu folks won (or perhaps not).

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