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Sat Sep 13 03:29:21 CEST 2008

Am Fr  12. September 2008 schrieb Michael Shiloh:
> quatrox at wrote:
> > Just imagine when people start making their
> > own Y-cables. I think there is a good chance
> > for reverse polarity. (I managed to do it, but
> > I tested the cable and discovered the mistake,
> > so I could fix it before connecting it.)
> I imagined that people doing this work will double and triple check 
> their work. Best if someone else looks at your work before you plug it 
> in, just to catch mistakes you might be blind to.
> I thought this went without saying, but since you've raised this point I 
> will add it to the wiki.
> Some mistakes will cause severe damage, and so should be warned against.

Well, 5 cent could save GTA03 and beyond (crowbar diode). 
There are EE who think it's not worth the effort. :-/

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