GSM-noise "buzz" issue

Andrew Bruno aeb at
Wed Sep 17 22:04:29 CEST 2008

>> Contrary to Andy I don't hope for eventual enlightenment somewhere in
>> future.
>> Especially since no one than me is examining the whole issue, and I'm
>> sure
>> there *is* *no* other way for existing devices.
>> If you got the fox on the farm, you don't investigate how it's actually
>> killing the chicken, rather you simply fix the hole in the fence.
> I would have expected a few more resources on this as this affects more
> than
> a few FR and in my case at least made it unusable as a phone until I did
> the
> rework.

I'm in the same situation where this makes my Freerunner totally unusable
as a phone. I've been patiently following this thread and appreciate all
the work thats been done thus far in discovering the underlying issue. But
I'm quickly losing hope that I'll ever be able to use my Freerunner as a

So I ask OM... what's the average user to do? One that's not too steady
with the soldering iron :)


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