GSM-noise "buzz" issue FIXED, but not in MP?

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Mon Sep 22 03:09:20 CEST 2008

Am Mo  22. September 2008 schrieb Werner Almesberger:
> Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> > I've never seen us investigating thus deeply and time-consuming on a 
> > certified-to-work fix anytime before, just to study *why* it's working.
> Please don't forget that we're also looking for a workaround for
> the devices already in the field.
Yup, and I absolutely agree we mustn't come up with a difficult 
rework-recommendation that's breaking a high percentage of devices during 
rework, at least until we are absolutely sure we won't find a much easier 
BTW: Be assured I had no single awake hour for last 3 months where I forgot on 
Anyway all this investigation and research and discussion mustn't create the 
impression there's any reason to delay bead-fix for the very next device 
running from fab-line.

> > I urgently recommend to start to do a PCB with pads for EMI-filters *now*.
> You have my vote on that one. 
Great! :-) So let's hope something will move now.

> The "megacaps" "solution" sounds 
> more like my "pour generous amounts of liquid tin over the board"
> suggestion :-)
Yeah, or make this C4306 0R? Or even better: place both pins of mic to same 
That's a real miracle to me, how that "fix" might ever have worked at all.

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