GTA04 SoC/CPU and LCD size

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Wed Sep 24 10:27:02 CEST 2008

If the Neo has a larger 800x480 screen and uses the OMAP 3530, it will
be startlingly similar to the upcoming Nokia internet tablet (the
successor to N810):

It might make differentiation of Openmoko's product trickier.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people (like myself) who would
give their right arm and leg to have something like the Nokia tablet
but with phone capabilties (dammit Nokia, where's the GSM modem?).

I have a GTA01 and am uncertain when to get my next model neo. My urge
at the moment is towards this as-yet-unannounced Nokia tablet because
of it's screen, keyboard, CPU and HSDPA support. Then I'll just use
the smallest phone I find for that old-fashioned GSM phone capability.

The set-up would keep me going until GTA04, with it's faster processor
and HSDPA, becomes available.

2008/9/17 Pritam Ghanghas <lists4pghanghas at>:
> On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Tomasz Czapiewski <xeros at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been looking at the Samsung mobile CPUs/SoC list and then I've
>> searched the web for something simmilar/better...
>> And I've found OMAP 3530 which is used by BeagleBoard.
>> By reading the specification of the Samsung S3C6410
>> and TI OMAP 3530
>> I've got impression that OMAP application processor is a lot better
>> when it comes to the speed and architecture than
>> Samsung S3C6410 and it's already in production on BeagleBoard ( Linux
>> based minimal size board - ).
>> Power consumption should be simmilar to Samsung SoC.
>> Was it (TI OMAP 3530) already considered for GTA04 or not?
>> Could someone tell me why not use it in GTA04?
>> I've bought GTA02 and after few days I've sold it because I need more
>> powerfull mobile device and now I'm (and many other people are) targetting
>> at GTA04.
>> The second suggestion - a bigger display/touchscreen than GTA01-03 - it
>> would be great if GTA04 could have bigger display - wide screen 3,5" with
>> something like 480x800 display resolution. It's now really needed for
>> devices with touchscreen which display on-screen keyboard.
>> The last thing - will GTA04 have TV-out support? It would be very
>> usefull, too.
>> With Regards,
>> Tomasz Czapiewski
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> I dont know somehow nobody wants to discuss this. I also feel that
> OMAP 3530 is far better choice.
> I can only guess : 3530 is using imagination graphics core, dont know
> about the 6410 one what they
> use. May be Samsung is ready to give more freedom to OM in that area.
> Imagination is in no mood to release a
> full kernel driver. Just like other players they will give binary
> userspace drivers with small opensource kernel space
> counterpart.
> But I had read at beagle board that even without the proprietary
> driver for linux which doesnt exist as yet. the graphics
> performance is impressive. Moreover ARM claims that Cortex can do as
> much as 30% more work for same amount of power
> as ARM 11(6410).
> It would be great if they go for 3530. Anyway there will be a
> completely open source stuff out there. that wont be as good as
> imagination's proprietary. But still better than 6410. TI seems to be
> really serious about beagleboard.
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