AUX button broken

Cédric Berger cedric.berger74 at
Wed Apr 1 09:07:20 CEST 2009

My AUX button does not work anymore.

It's been some time my AUX button seemed to be quite "loose" : harder
to press (because fingers had to go deeper in the button "hole"), and
click less frank than before.
I was not completely sure as I had no other phone to compare with, but
it was for example uneasy to navigate in Android (back action) because
button press requested some effort (and I for example had to use both
hands to better hold the phone).

And now it does not work at all. No "click", no action.

So not only using my phone without it is not really possible, but I
can't anymore even go to uBoot menu, or boot from NOR...

I did not try to disassemble my phone. Do you think there is a chance
I could do something to fix it ?

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