Bug #1024 (oscillating re-camping), the story goes on...

Dieter Spaar spaar at openmoko.org
Mon Apr 6 09:47:02 CEST 2009

Hello Sargun,

Sargun Dhillon wrote:
> I can attest to the fact that the phone recamps less in the cold. When
> it was in our data center (controlled environment <70 degrees
> Farenheit), it only recamped a handful of times. On the other hand, at
> the office it recamped all the time. I thought this was just an odd
> coincidence, or something related to location.
Thank you very much for this information.

I think it still depends on the cell too. The cell determines the time
the phone can sleep between receiving the paging channel. So if
this time is large (up to ca. 2.1 seconds is possible), stability
problems  with the 32 kHz oscillator (if they are the cause) should
become more visible than if the time is short (ca. 0.5 seconds is the
shortest time). Only in the "Deep Sleep" mode the 32 kHz
oscillator is used.

Best regards,

PS: If you have the time to do traces of the re-camping, feel
free to contact me and ask for a cable :-)

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