External Wifi Antenna

Thomas Sanladerer thomas.sanladerer at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 17 01:33:29 CEST 2009

There acually is a standard connector inside the case. If you looks at 
the neo's pcb from the back, it's on the bottom left. It uses a standard 
connector that's also used e.g. inside the nintendo ds and other 
wireless equipement.
I guess it would be no problem to just drill a hole into the case and 
fit some kind of adaptor to, say, sma.
Be very careful with the neo's connector though, as this kind of jack is 
made for less than 10 pluggings.
If someone knows the exact name of the neos connector you could just get 
some of those from your local electronics supplier and make an adaptor 

Happy hacking,
Thomas Sanladerer

Daemon D schrieb:
> I ordered the Neo Freerunner to use in my apartment but find that the public wifi that I normally use is too weak a signal for the Freerunner to pick up. Any suggestions? The external antenna jack is only for GPS right? 
> Are there schematics where I could locate proper solder points to install an external wifi jack so I can use a cantenna type arrangement? Would that even be feasible for someone with very minimal component level understanding but posesses a soldering iron and dremel with the knowledge to use them?
> - Daemon
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