Wrecked display and the USB host

Thomas Sanladerer thomas.sanladerer at yahoo.de
Thu Apr 30 16:36:57 CEST 2009


i unintentionally cracked the NEO's display today... *sigh*
I then ripped it off the PCB (the LCD broke to pieces in the process) 
and found the soldering points for the usb bluetooth module. Now here's 
my idea:
- Pull off the bt module
- Mount a full usb host jack in the spot the bt module used to be
- Route power from the miniUSB to the fullUSB port
That way i should get a usb host that's powered through the internal 
step-up or optionally any external usb power supply.
Before i completely destroy my phone, i just want to reassure this would 
be possible in software and hardware.

Thomas Sanladerer

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