Wrecked display and the USB host

Thomas Sanladerer thomas.sanladerer at yahoo.de
Thu Apr 30 18:01:18 CEST 2009

Joerg Reisenweber schrieb:
> Am Do  30. April 2009 schrieb Thomas Sanladerer:
>> - Pull off the bt module
>> - Mount a full usb host jack in the spot the bt module used to be
>> - Route power from the miniUSB to the fullUSB port
>> That way i should get a usb host...
> Probably a simple mini-USB->USB-AF adapter would accomplish the task to get a 
> USB-host much simpler and less invasive.
> BTW: there are spare LCM available.
> /j
Yes, i already built one of those adapters, which was three-headed 
because it had a separate connector for external power.
With the extra usb port the mini port would remain unused and allow for 
either charging in auto-detected fast charge mode or an additional host, 
I thought it would be more elegant if the neo itself would distribute 
power from some extrernal supply to itself and the usb device; 
additionally i usually dont't carry that adapter around, whereas the usb 
jack would be built-in (now again, is this a standard usb host the bt 
module is connected to?)
I believe pulster and trisoft carry spare displays here in germany, i'll 
look into getting one from them.

Thomas Sanladerer

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