cpu usage way too high (?)

Daniel Spies daniel.spies at fuceekay.com
Sun Feb 1 22:22:27 CET 2009

Thomas Sanladerer <thomas.sanladerer at yahoo.de> wrote on Sunday 01 February 
> Hi!
> I can only partially reproduce what you're experiencing. Right now i'm
> listening to a *.m4b (audio book) on vlc. Debian is running with KDE3,
> CPU usage is around 60% by vlc. To get sound out of vlc, use alsa-oss
> like this:
> debian-gta02:~# apt-get install alsa-oss
> [...]
> debian-gta02:~# aoss vlc
> The only really good player i found (playlist, good mp3 playback, should
> do ogg) is noatun.
> This was on a Stock neo with a class4 SDHC 8GB, 400MB swap and Debian
> freshly installed through install.sh.
> Greets,
> Thomas

If I use the suggested madplay with aoss, I have cpu usage as low as 10%. 
Didn't know vlc needs aoss, so that may explain the lack of audio output :) 
The first attempt to run vlc through aoss failed with "alsa output error: write 
failed (Input/output error)". But the cpu usage is still at 70%, I'll give it 
another try tomorrow. 

Also noatun is on my list for tomorrow...


By the way I am wondering why I can't see your replies on the list? Is this 
something specific on the hardware list? Didn't happen on community list for 

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