GSM-SDcard interference?

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Tue Feb 17 02:25:43 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| To try and see if the interference is still happening with kernel version
| 2.6.28, I got the old Kingston card back out of the drawer and tried to
| reproduce the problem before updating. Starting programs while entering
| the PIN usually did the trick, GPRS was even more reliable at producing
| transfer errors or - rarely - a screen slowly filling with colorful noise
| (still working on redraw then, but usually with an unusable system

Ah really... that sounds more like generic Glamo-trashing than
MCI-specific issue.  All the SD stuff goes through the Glamo so maybe
it's just pointing at something deeper that's not directly to do with SD.

GPRS uses more slots AIUI so it dents the battery more during TX, maybe
the issue is around that.  Eg, dodgy Glamo reset circuit.

What would help is dump the glamo regs while it's normal, and if you see
that trashed display again, dump it if possible and we can see the diff.

| Now that I know that my FR isn't the only one affected by this, I will
| keep you up to date with my newest findings on this list.

Thanks, maybe we can get a clue.

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